From Sadness to Joy: A Poem of Hope and Healing

12 May 2023

The land of sadness can turn to joy
When hope and love are not destroyed
When faith and courage fill the void
And truth and peace are well employed.
The desert place can bloom again
When rain and sun are kindly sent
When seeds and roots are not content
To stay in dust and parched cement.
The happiness can come as surprise
When eyes and ears are open wide
When hearts and minds do not deny
The beauty of the world and love.
The darkness can give way to light
When stars and moon are shining bright
When dreams and wishes take their flight
And guide us through the endless night.
The sorrow can be healed by grace
When tears and pain are soothing with the comfort
When friends and family share the strain
And comfort us with warm embrace.
The land of sadness can turn to joy
When we remember who we are
When we embrace our gifts and scars
And live each day with gratitude and truth
of every moment fleeing into history.

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