Astro Tourism: Ladakh

5 Sept 2022

Ladakh is becoming Night Sky Sanctuary for Night Lovers, know its specialty:

If you are interested in waking up at night and the planets and constellations, then there is good news for you. Soon such night lovers will get a chance to visit the country's first Night Sky Sanctuary in Ladakh.
The country's first Night Sky Sanctuary in Ladakh will be ready in three months. Astro tourism will get a boost from this sanctuary and it will be special for those people who are fond of knowing the secrets hidden behind the darkness of night.

Yes, if you are also a night lover and like to see the starry sky at night, then there is good news for you. Soon you will be able to enjoy the Night Sky Sanctuary and that too in the plains of Ladakh filled with beautiful views.
The country's first Night Sky Sanctuary will be ready by the end of the year. According to officials, its work will be completed in about three months.
Science and Technology Minister Jitendra Singh has said that the proposed dark sky reserve will be located as part of Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary at Hanle village in Ladakh and will be among the highest places in the world for optical, infra-red and gamma-ray telescopes. Let us tell you, the Hanle region is most famous for the breathtaking atmosphere, crystal-clear skies, high mountains, Buddhist monasteries and festivals. In such a situation, this sanctuary will be able to give a better experience to the people.

What is Dark Sky Sanctuary?

Actually, Dark Sky Sanctuary is a public or private land. In which we can leisurely watch the starry night. The sky is crystal clear at this place.
It contains the entire atmosphere for one night. Astro tourism will get a boost The Union Minister has made this remark after a meeting with Ladakh's Lieutenant Governor RK Mathur in New Delhi. According to Union Minister Jitendra Singh, this will give a boost to astro tourism. Also, through the intervention of science and technology in the Dark Sky Reserve site, it can be helped to promote local tourism and economy.

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India's first night sky sanctuary will be set up in Ladakh to promote astro-tourism in the country and attract foreign researchers to work with high altitude telescopes in the region. The Department of Science and Technology will set up a proposed Dark Sky Reserve at Hanle in Ladakh as part of the Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary.
Dark sky reserves are public or private land with a distinctive nocturnal environment and starry nights that are responsibly developed to prevent light pollution.
By stopping light pollution, tourists will be able to see the wonderful view of the universe from the Himalayas. A short film on the country's first Dark Sky Reserve project in Hanle, Ladakh, called the city of the moon, has been released by the Ladakh administration on Thursday.