A snow's chance

12 Mar 2023

I once witnessed a snowflake falling.
It does bring up old memories.

Moreover, as snow began to fall,
Without making a sound,

I waited until a covering formed, then the shimmering, white-brown ground started to disappear.

Untouched until dawn, a cover.
The sun rose and quickly set.

I reflected about prior friendships.
although they did not last, they seemed ideal.

And while family ties used to signify a lot, we now hardly ever stay in touch.

Life may change so drastically so rapidly, yet we tend to learn things slowly.

So many things in life are subject to rapid alteration and rearrangement.

When we sleep, we take for granted the blessings we think we can keep.

In the same way that night does change into day, an unattended blanket may rip.

The things we've failed to notice, reject, or misinterpret,

The same way that melting snow may turn into slush, so can relationships.

Thus, thank God for his blessings during this holiday season.

Do not assume that they will always be there or that life will remain unchanged.

Let's strive to the fullest extent possible for all of our friends and family.

Let's stay in touch and stick around, unlike the snowflake on the ground.

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