7 Jul 2022

I don't hope things should get any better Once you get to read this apology letter 

I'm sorry that you were subjected to abuse as a child 
It was obvious that the trauma always had you riled 

I'm sorry I was always right when we fight everytime 
I'm sorry you didn't like seeing me have a peace of mind 

I'm sorry for things I had and haven't done
 I'm sorry for more things that were yet to come 

Why did you leave me when I needed you the most 
I knew our love was dead but I do believe in ghosts 

You left me without letting your motives known Maybe you thought I'd feel punished if I'm alone 

It's hard to rely on people in this world we live in 
I knew you wouldn't change but I kept on believing 

I'm not filled with remorse for letting you go
I know you'll need time to work on your ego

I was your cure while you were my sickness 
I was your strength while you were my weakness 

And judging from every point of view 
The problem wasn't me, it was you 

Sometimes I want to call because even though what you did wasn't right 
I still hope you're alright. 

Jude Umoren, 'Apology' (online, 2019) <https://judeumoren.blogspot.com/2019/09/apology.html?m=1>.

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