How wanda become a part of Avenger ??

14 Jun 2022

Wanda Maximoff also known by 'Scarlet witch' is very powerful members in marvel comic universe. Wanda used to be live in Sokovia with her parents and brother Pietro in Sokovia as normal human. As we know, her parents died after the attack in Sokovia but they survived and somehow found that they were attacked by weapons manufacutred by Stark industries.

But soon after they become refugees and and were taken as experiments in Hydra. She then was given powers using power stone and loki scepter's. She then along with brother become Quicksilver . Wanda have then special abilities like telekinesis ,chaos magic and powerful blow etcs. Quicksilver has high speed and strenth. After being in Hydra, She supported the Ultron to go aganists the avengers as she knew Tony Stark and his weapons in her house during her childhood.

But after sometimes ,she realised that Ultron was not good as she thinks and later becomes the member of Avengers but she loses her brother. Then she met their vision and fell in love with him. This was her journey to be a Avenger members.

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