Shytoshi Kusama Reveals SHIB Trading Card For Shiba Inu Game

31 May 2022

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Shiba Inu project lead Shytoshi Kusama has revealed a brand-new trading card to feature in the Shiba Inu game.

Posting on Twitter, Shytoshi shared an image of the card to be used in the SHIB Collectible Card Game. With the game still on track for a launch as early as September 2022, this is sure to excite prospective players who are also fans of card games.In the tweet, Shytoshi revealed a trading card featuring a Shiba Inu being hit on the head with a baseball bat - in reference to the BONK meme featuring the Doge.

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“Finally to the fudders: BONK,” he said at the end of the tweet. This possibly relates to comments made by holders in the aftermath of SHIB founder Ryoshi deleting tweets and posts.

His new profile picture is also a 3D version of the Shiboshi set to launch within the upcoming game.

Alongside this, Shytoshi said he would use the Shiboshi Social Club - a Discord channel for Shiboshi holders only - in a “secret mission” for the game. Previously, they helped choose the design of these trading cards, although they appear to have changed a lot since.

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This card is likely not the full, final design, either. Previous iterations included Attack and Defence stats for each trading card, too.

The Shiboshi NFTs will play a big part in the future of the SHIB ecosystem, including featuring their own zone within the Shiba Inu metaverse. As such, we’d expect more details about their role in the game to come out soon, too.

Aside from Shiboshis, the game will feature cards relating to other aspects of the SHIB culture. This includes a Ryoshi card. The existence of a BONK! Card also suggests it will feature cards that use Shiba Inu/Doge memesReferences (Example)

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