Getting Started With Cryptocurrency

8 Jul 2022

Everyone has a story to tell. There is so much to explore when it comes to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. My journey into cryptocurrency started out with the main goal of making quick money from the space. My first encounter was with looking out for airdrops. While hunting airdrops, I slowly picked up some crypto terms like FOMO, DYOR, HODL and the likes.

I was lucky one time to get an airdrop that was actually worth something but ended up losing it to bad choices. It turns out hunting airdrops did not really work out for me - 😂😂

Hearing people's stories of how much they made from one project or another motivated me to kickstart my journey in trading. I ventured into trading with no knowledge and depended on people's speculations and my instincts. I soon got to know that all is not what it seems - I was on the losing end. It was an eye opening experience because the terms  crypto is a risk and never invest funds you are not willing to lose  became very valid to me. How was I supposed to cope after losing all my capital🤣.  I got to realize that you win some and lose some. Also, I learnt not to believe everything I see on the internet without properly doing my research.

As I got adapted to the crypto space, I learnt about the importance of sufficient research and picking out projects that actually have great use cases. I had to let go of the primary idea of making quick money but focus on the long term plan and be patient. 

I still make a lot of mistakes but I am gradually learning from these mistakes. It has contributed immensely to my growth. I am curious about you! How did you get started with crypto? Tell me in the comment session!

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