KlapFinance the best money market on Klaytn

2 Jan 2023

Do you know that there’s an outstanding project on Klaytn Blockchain which allows its users to make financial activities like lending and borrowing a reality?

Yes! I’m talking about none other than KlapFinance.

Klaytn Lending Application ( Also know as KLAP ) is a decentralized non custodial market protocol where users can participate in lending and borrowing. It is built on Klaytn Blockchain, based on one of the largest DeFi protocols, AAVE.

The uniqueness of this project stems from numerous ideas and intentions put in place during its development. However, KLAP is built with high-end security, bridging options, it’s fully open source, and an impressive user friendly interface.

The ease for developers to interact with Klap was also considered, giving them an edge over competitors.

KlapFinance Token

The official token for klapfinance is KLAP. Being a Klap holder has a lot of benefits to it;

· Klap holders receive VeNFTs which gives them

-voting rights

-Yield Boosters

· They could burn and redeem from treasury funds

KlapFinance is truly a revolutionary development on lending and borrowing in the cryptocurrency industry.

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