3 Typical Balinese Food

29 Dec 2022

1. Betutu Chicken

If you visit the Island of the Gods, you can't miss this culinary. Betutu chicken is cooked with betutu seasoning, a Balinese seasoning made from a mixture of lime leaves, lemongrass, salam, turmeric, candlenut, ginger, shallots and other spices. Chicken cooked with this spice will certainly produce a taste that is so delicious.


Of the many culinary specialties of Bali, satay lilit is one of the mainstays that is worth trying. Sate lilit was originally a typical dish from the Klungkung area. However, this dish is now easy to find in many locations around Bali, such as Denpasar, Badung and Gianyar. For this reason, sate lilit has become a culinary specialty from Bali, apart from suckling pig and lawar. Compared to satay that can be found in various regions, sate lilit has its own uniqueness. Satay which is generally found in the form of pieces of meat skewered with a skewer. Meanwhile, satay lilit is more like a lump of dough wrapped around a skewer.

Sate lilit is made of meat which is crushed into a dough. This dough is then seasoned and baked to give off a distinctive aroma. The dominant aroma of turmeric and lemongrass is a lure to taste this culinary. Another uniqueness, even though it is not served with peanut sauce such as chicken or mutton satay, the spicy taste of the spices that permeate the mixture is guaranteed to make your tongue dance. The spicy taste in sate lilit comes from a mixture of various spices mixed into the dough. These spices include shallots, garlic, lemongrass, and lime leaves. The mixture of various spices produces a spicy, sweet and savory taste with a touch of spices that are familiar to the Indonesian tongue. Meanwhile, the meat that is usually used as an ingredient for sate lilit is marine fish such as tuna. For those who don't like fish meat, some satay lilit vendors also provide satay lilit made from chicken meat. Because it is made from fish meat, this one food is safe for consumption by all religious people. Sate lilit is usually served with several other types of dishes. Dishes that usually accompany satay lilit include tuna satay and tuna pepes. Accompanied by warm rice and delicious sambal matah, the satay lilit dish will taste more complete and solid.

3. Balinese Yellow Rice

Yellow Rice is the prima donna of Banyu Pinaruh Day in Bali. Yellow rice, which is usually called Nasi Yasa, is a mainstay menu for Hindus in Bali during Banyu Pinaruh Day. Yellow is the color of Bhatara Mahadewa which is found in the Dewata Nawa Sanga literature.

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