Investment logic of mining pool coins

28 Jan 2023

Satoshi Nakamoto used his computer to mine bitcoin. Genesis block, and received 50 BTC rewards; but as the value of Bitcoin is recognized, starting from 10,000 Bitcoins to $ 25 pizza coupons, the price of Bitcoin continues to rise, and the market considers it profitable As a large amount of new computing power poured into Bitcoin mining, mining competition became more and more intense.

Because there are tens of thousands of miners competing for mining at the same time, the probability of a single miner grabbing the block packaging right is very small, and the output is very unstable. If you are lucky, you may get it once an hour. In order to stabilize the mining output and reduce the risk, the miners chose to hold a group for heating and chose to join the mining pool. The mining pool integrated the mining power of the miners. After charging a certain fee, the output was calculated according to the mining power The percentage is allocated to the miners, so that the miners can have a stable income; with the further increase of mining computing power, mining has become more and more specialized, and more and more miners have chosen to join the mining pool. Eventually, Mining pools have become a mainstream trend in mining.

Investment logic of mining pool coins

In addition to performance-driven value of digital currency, ecological construction is also an important reference indicator to determine whether it has long-term investment value. Just like BTC, after more than ten years of ups and downs, with the gradual landing of its application, it has now become a recognized value storage method like gold.

Mining pool coins, like platform coins, are the first digital currency categories that are ecologically first and easily produce economic benefits, so they have great development potential.

Some mining pools in the industry have also launched their own platform coins, such as the platform currency MT of the Mercury mining pool. The Mercury mining pool has previously focused on the mining business of BTC and ETH. Currently it is not only planned to continue The scale of the two's computing power has been increased to meet the challenge of halving the tide this year, and new mining operations such as BCH and ZEC are being promoted. At the same time, their own ecological transactions have been established to complete the closed-loop transaction, and a carrier has been created for the launch of the Staking mining pool.

Investment Opportunities in Mining Pool Coins

The value of the exchange platform currency is that the exchange's purchase of new coins, fee discounts, project listing, etc are closely related to it, and the deflation expectations caused by repurchase and destruction make the platform currency extremely attractive; compared to the exchange platform The value of the mining pool platform coin is to obtain the mining income of the mining pool. From the actual operation point of view, the airdrop of the mining pool platform coin is quite considerable, and with the development of the mining pool, the number of airdrops continues to increase, because the choice has a deep ( The mining currency of a single currency is high) and the breadth (the number of mining currencies is enough) is sufficient for the mining platform platform currency, and this year is expected to have a good return.

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