Time to Doge 🐕

12 Feb 2024

✨ This post originally appeared in Metaversal on Bankless ✨

Last August, I first wrote about TITLES, a promising AI-friendly NFT remixing app.
Take note, then, because the TITLES team just joined forces with the Own the Doge project for a $DOG airdrop contest.
The idea? Go to titles.xyz/create, use the Doge AI model to prompt your best doge output, and then mint your work on Base by March 8th to earn a cut of the $300,000 prize pool.

It’s a fun and easy opportunity at the crossroads of NFTs, AI, and airdrop hunting, what’s not to love???
You’ve got one month to get your entries in, so get to prompting if you’re interested. In the meantime, let’s catch you up on the past week’s biggest NFT happenings!

This week in NFTs…

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