Lets Talk about Holochain Applications

2 Jun 2022

A distributed peer-to-peer hosting infrastructure for Holochain applications is powered by the Ethereum token Holo (HOT) (hApps). 

Hot tokens may be exchanged for hosting hApps on personal PCs.

To host decentralized apps produced using Holochain, a framework for constructing DApps that do not need blockchain technology, Holo is a peer-to-peer distributed platform. 

DApps created on top of the Holochain may now be readily accessed via the Holo ecosystem and marketplace since they are hosted on the internet by members of the Holo network.

One way in which HoloFuel, a cryptocurrency currently under development, will be used to compensate hosts for their services and assist the network's operation is by serving as an accounting system. 

Hot (also known as HoloToken) was minted in 2018 as an "IOU" that will be redeemed for HoloFuel when the project launches.

A public alpha and beta testing period for Holo is scheduled to begin in 2021.

When Holo (HOT) surged in February 2021, it was one of the most popular the cheapest cryptocurrencies. 

At the height of its value in early April 2021, each HOT unit was worth around three cents after trading for as little as a penny. 

HOT is selling for a fraction of a cent, attracting new investors.

As a whole, Holo is a fascinating endeavor. 'Holochain is a distributed data integrity engine,' according to Coinpaprika's description. 

A validating DHT (Distributed Hash Table) is used, with each user having their unique chain of hash values.

 "A transaction is published to the Distributed Hash Table once signed and countersigned on each party's chain."

Despite its recent gains, HOT is still a name that should be approached with great care.

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