Vatican NFTs: Keys to History

19 Jun 2024

The Vatican Library, a treasure trove of history with over 180,000 manuscripts, is embracing the future! They’re launching a unique Web3 initiative to share their collection with the world, using NFTs as the key.

Unlocking the Past with NFTs
This “experimental” project offers exclusive access to a special collection of digitized manuscripts. Italians can participate by sharing the project on social media (Silver NFT) or donating directly (Gold NFT).

  • Silver NFT: Access 15 high-resolution manuscript images.
  • Gold NFT: Access all 21 high-resolution manuscript images in the collection.

A Partnership for Progress
The Vatican Library has partnered with NTT DATA, a leading Japanese tech company, to bring this vision to life. NTT DATA, known for its $4 billion investment in Web3 infrastructure, is also launching a crypto wallet later this year, solidifying their commitment to the digital future.

Beyond Physical Walls: A Digital Future
While the physical library, housed in a historic building from the 1500s, will remain, the Vatican is looking ahead. They’ve hinted at the possibility of virtual or augmented reality tours, further enhancing accessibility.
“Our heritage deserves special attention for preservation and promotion,” says Father Mauro Mantovani, Prefect of the Library. He emphasizes NTT DATA’s role in making their collections accessible to everyone, regardless of background.

A New Era of Public Access
This Web3 project is just the beginning. The Vatican Library’s commitment to public outreach extends back centuries. In 2020, they launched a modern website with improved search features and access to digitized treasures, including manuscripts, coins, and rare printed works.

The Vatican’s embrace of Web3 highlights the potential of this technology to democratize access to cultural heritage.

Get ready to explore history like never before!

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