Illuminati in Marvel

10 Jun 2022

Illuminati is a secret group of very powerful and genius superhero in Marvel comics made to protect universe from upcoming threats and dangers . This is completely secret to people and other superhero. There are six members i this group.
1. Sorcerer supreme Doctor strange : He can do anything possibly in Time and has control over time dimensions and mirror dimensions.
2. Black Bolt : He is King of Inhuman and has master blow chaneeling all available energy and can destroy anything in front of him.
3.Charles Xavier : He is founder of X-Men and mutant right activist . He can control mi ds and can do anything with his will.
4. Reed Richard : He is founding member of fanatic four and is most genius mind in Marvel comics and can prepare and settle anythreat upcoming .
5. Namor :He is submariner with powerful flight and literally tore anything.
6. Iron Man : Iron Man iatwch genius and smart person and pre-planned man who learn from his mistake basically.  Illuminati has saved universe and planet from many threats and dangers . We will talk about this in next blogs for sure. 

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