Value of mentoring - Part 2

2 Jun 2022

In my last article, The value of mentoring I spoke of an approach I take in getting the best out of the mentor mentee relationship. In this article I want to share a few unnamed examples of the actions we took and the outcomes it delivered. 

What was the mentee wanting from the relationship?

Key attributes my mentees wanted focussed on

Confidence - developing the confidence to communicate effectively

firstly my mentees are current students undertaking an undergraduate degree and are very much seeking to build confidence, in themselves and their ability, they have the knowledge and often the experience and just need support in developing resilience 

Building networks

Mentees, that I have had the pleasure to mentor are at the start of their career, still studying and searching for their first role in computer science, data science and analytics. I enjoy spending time and developing confidence to network with strangers and providing opportunities and connections with my network in areas of interest. These connections provide new opportunities and perspectives across different industries. I ensure they have a pitch that demonstrates their skills, passion and interests and to build rapport. It was very hard during Covid but we got there. 

Opportunities to develop their career

Getting a first role in an area you are studying can be tough and guidance on the skills on areas of interest is important. Developing confidence to connect with your networks will create these opportunities to develop your career and work on skills you want to develop, have a genuine interest in that align with your values. 

Final thoughts

I am happy to say that over the last 12 months my mentees have been able to build confidence, create and extend their professional networks and gain that all important first job. They continue to excel. We stay in touch and together share our learnings for our mutual benefit.

Do you still stay in touch with your mentor or mentee and how are they travelling now?


[1] BULB, The value of mentoring (online, April 2022) <>

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This is a great article! - I highly recommend mentoring. It is one of the best investments you can make in your career. A mentor can provide you with invaluable advice and guidance, help you grow in many aspects of your life. - Thank you for sharing! 😎
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