Amla Juice Benefits

28 Jan 2023

Make pure amla juice at home in this easy way

Amla Juice Benefits: Drinking Amla juice seems astringent but it is effective in curing many diseases without medicine.

It contains elements like vitamin C and fiber along with many essential nutrients, which keep skin and hair healthy along with digestion.

But sometimes after drinking juice for a week or a month, no significant effect is seen because the juice available in the market is not completely pure.

So if you want to see its effect as soon as possible, then make its juice at home. So let's know its method and method of preparation.

Second method of making amla juice

Will take 4 to 5 Amla. First of all wash it thoroughly. Do not wash after cutting. Otherwise, its nutrients decrease. Now grate them.

Fill all the gooseberries in a glass or jug with as much water as you want to drink.

After this, we will put grated Amla in this water. Also a little black salt.

Mix it by adding black salt and keep it covered for half an hour.

Filter the juice after half an hour. Pure Amla juice is ready.

benefits of drinking amla juice

1. Amla juice is very beneficial, it can be used to avoid many diseases.

2. Drinking 1 glass of gooseberry juice in a day keeps the digestion process healthy.

3. Along with health, drinking amla juice also improves skin and hair.

4. Drinking Amla juice also reduces obesity.

5. Amla juice also purifies the blood, which purifies the blood and removes stomach problems.

6. Drinking amla juice improves eyesight.

7. Consuming Amla is very effective for diabetes patients also because Amla keeps sugar under control.

Disclaimer: The advice and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

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