When Shepherds dozed off

14 Mar 2023

There was a shepherd who dozed off, leaving no one to watch after his sheep.
The sheep were ecstatic to finally have freedom.
followed the leader and took off running.

All was well; they enjoyed themselves while walking for miles through moors, hills, and meadows.
The night grew darker as the sun sank.
They started to think that freedom was depressing.

When they couldn't find any forage, they were subdued due to hunger.
As they were being hunted by these horrifying animals, it was difficult for them to fall asleep.

They were so worn out and exhausted that they yearned to return to the flock and the safety of it.
They came to understand how much they depended on their shepherd to provide them with constant shelter, food, and love.

A recognizable face appeared over the mountains just as the sheep were about to lose all hope.
All of them ran gleefully to demonstrate that they were sincerely happy to see their shepherd.

They determined never to elude capture once more.
and expressed gratitude to God for the shepherd He sent.

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