America Chavez : Special Marvel character.

30 Jun 2022

Among many marvel superhero , America Chavez is special one . She is different from most of the superhero and supervillain or any other character in Marvel cinematic universe because of her unique powers and potential .Tha main reason to being America Chavez different from rest of other are:
1. In entire Multiverse ,she has no any counterpart version in any universe as we know she never dream in her life.
2. She can travel to any universe according to her wish using star portal. This portal is invoked when she punches. Her punches are powerful and she can drag anyone to another universe too. Her punches can create wave energy.
3. She has almost knowledge of activities and cultures of most of universe she visited. It seems her memory power is also powerful.

In MCU we hasn't explore more about her ,but she is now training about mystic arts so she can open portal in intraverse ( inside same universe) to travel places insides same universe. We can see her in more potential after training in Kamar Taj.

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What's more funnier is that after she realised her true power, in comics she has already defeated captain marvel and many other avengers. So, she will be the most powerful avengers. And she is LGBT , and she is second superhero in marvels who is in this category. She will be main key to multiversal war.
Nice movie for women
Great character she became so strong we she knew how to use her power