How are Aave (AAVE) and Polygon (MATIC) Connected?

13 Feb 2024

In the developing and constantly growing crypto space, Polygon (MATIC) has gained significant prominence is great news. Acting as a bridge between the Ethereum network and various other blockchains, Polygon enhances scalability and reduces transaction costs, thereby addressing some of the inherent challenges associated with Ethereum's network congestion. There are many interesting projects that decided to integrate with this platform, and one of them is called Aave network (AAVE). Let’s take a closer look at what Polygon is, at how to use Aave, and which benefits to the users brought by their collaboration.

What is Polygon?

Polygon enables industry participants without substantial resources to experiment by shifting funds across various platforms, something similar to assembling LEGO pieces. Fast and highly cost-effective transactions empower users to implement sophisticated investment strategies using platforms like Aave blockchain.

The Polygon team actively develops cutting-edge scaling solutions and allocates significant resources towards the advancement of DeFi. The outcome is evident, with numerous well-known projects, including Aave network, integrating with the new ecosystem. This has enhanced the project's liquidity and strengthened its market positions.

Polygon is an ecosystem encompassing thousands of decentralized applications, metaverses, gaming, and NFTs. The platform implements Layer 2 solutions utilizing ZK-Rollups technology. Polygon provides developers with a comprehensive set of solutions suitable for various application scenarios. Boasting high scalability, Polygon can process up to 65,000 transactions per second due to its utilization of Plasma technology, significantly outpacing the original Ethereum.

What is AAVE?

Aave represents a decentralized lending protocol. The platform facilitates the borrowing of cryptocurrency assets without any centralized intermediary. Its operational model closely mirrors that of conventional lending institutions, albeit conducted exclusively through cryptocurrency transactions. 

However, this platform not only offers the opportunity to lend cryptocurrency, but also provides its users with its own token AAVE. What is AAVE crypto? It is a governance token, whose holders can participate in governance decisions, such as voting on asset additions, and can also stake their tokens for protocol security.

What Makes AAVE So Special?

AAVE's uniqueness is underscored by its commitment to redefining traditional financial paradigms through decentralized finance. Governance Mechanism: AAVE holders have the power to participate in the governance of the protocol. They can propose and vote on changes, contributing to the evolution and improvement of the platform.

  • Liquidity pools. AAVE lets people easily lend and borrow different types of assets using liquidity pools. These pools make it easier to get the money you need and offer flexibility for those looking for different financial services.
  • Safety module. AAVE has added a Safety Module to keep things extra secure for people lending money. If there's not enough money in the pool, the Safety Module can use some of the locked assets to cover losses.
  • Flash loans. AAVE came up with the idea of flash loans, allowing people to borrow money without having to put up collateral, as long as they pay it back in the same transaction. This cool feature has made it possible for advanced trading strategies.
  • Innovative features. AAVE is always bringing in new and exciting features, staying ahead in the world of decentralized finance. They explore things like making transactions faster and connecting with other blockchain networks.
  • Wide choice of crypto. AAVE lets you use lots of different types of assets as collateral, like stablecoins and popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. This means you can borrow money against a variety of things you own.

Aave Integration with Polygon

AAVE teaming up with Polygon has made things even better. It helps AAVE handle more transactions quickly and at a lower cost, thanks to Polygon acting like a super-efficient helper for Ethereum.

Advantages of Aave integrating with Polygon:

  1. Scalability. With Polygon's help, AAVE can process transactions faster and handle more of them, solving the problem of things being too slow on Ethereum.
  2. Reduced transaction costs. AAVE users get a bonus because they pay lower fees when they use Polygon.
  3. Improved user experience. Transactions happen faster, and fees are lower, making it a smoother and better experience for people using AAVE.
  4. Access to a growing ecosystem. Because of Polygon's popularity, AAVE users get to explore and use lots of other cool projects and apps, making the whole experience even more exciting.


In conclusion, the symbiotic relationship between Polygon and Aave blockchain represents a significant stride in the evolution of decentralized finance. AAVE's operational mechanics, technological prowess, and distinctive features with fast and safe Polygon services contribute to the whole Crypto World development.

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