Firebee Opens ARB Top-Up Tournament, Fully Supports Arbitrum Ecological Construction

24 Mar 2023

Cryptocurrency trading platform Huobi has taken the lead in laying out Arbitrum to seize the Layer2 development dividend.According to the official announcement of Firebee, Firebee will debut the online Arbitrum governance token ARB on March 23rd to fully support the development of Arbitrum ecology.According to the announcement, ARB top-up was opened at 12:00 on March 17. ARB spot trading is open for ARB/USDT and ARB/USDD pairs and will be opened when the top-up volume meets the market trading demand. In addition, Firebee has officially launched ARB top-up contest at 19:00 on March 22 (link to the announcement: The event will last for 7 days and will end at 19:00 on the 29th. During the event, users who successfully top-up ARB from external addresses to Firebee will receive 20,000 USDT according to the net top-up volume, with a maximum bonus of 150 USDT.Arbitrum is an Ether Layer 2 solution designed to address the scalability, speed and privacy issues of Ether. it uses a scheme of Optimistic Rollups to process transactions off-chain and then submit the data to the Ether mainnet. both lowering Gas fees, increasing scalability and enhancing privacy. the Arbitrum Foundation recently announced that it will airdrop ARB governance tokens to community members on March 23 and launch its Layer 3 development tool, Arbitrum Orbit, bringing Arbitrum one step closer to full decentralization.DefiLlama data shows that the native ecosystem projects on Arbitrum have gained attention across the crypto market in the last 2 months. currently, Arbitrum has the largest TVL of any Ethernet Layer 2 scaling solution at $1.8 B, with a 63.55% share of TVL in the Rollup series.With a large number of eco-builders and innovations, Arbitrum will continue to grow rapidly and maintain its lead in the Layer 2 race for some time. firebee will continue to monitor the dynamics of Arbitrum and its community and support the development of the Arbitrum ecosystem in all aspects."Layer2In order to respond to the community's demand and to support the Arbitrum ecology with resources and traffic exposure, the FireBiz trading platform has previously set up an Arbitrum section and put online some of Arbitrum's ecological tokens, including GMX, GRAIL, RDNT, MAGIC, etc. The market value of these projects is still somewhat different from similar projects in other public chains and is still at a low valuation.

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