Leadership in the society

21 Jul 2022

There is a popular saying which reads thus "Order is the first law in heaven", rightly or wrongly this statement is universally accepted not because someone has been to heaven before and returned to give an account of heaven. There is a truism in the fact that there is always peace and tranquility in any place where there is order , judging from events that prevails here on earth and allowing our experience of daily economic activities of life to come into play. Honesty is the best policy. Any leader with Honesty of purpose shall last , triumph, and succeed for he would believe in the ultimate triumph of truth over errors, harmony over discord, love over hatred purity over vice and light over darkness. When you aspire to any leadership position remember these qualities would be needed and required of you.You too must be a good worker. Let's join hands to build an accomplished society.

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leadership is key to rule the world