NBA season so far

23 Nov 2022

The NBA season started a few weeks ago and you would be surprised with the amount of change involving the leader board and certain players statistics 

eastern conference                                                                    western conference

  1. Celtics                                                                     1. jazz
  2. Bucks                                                                      2. suns
  3. cavaliers                                                                 3.  nuggets 
  4. Pacers                                                                    4. clippers
  5. Wizards                                                                  5. kings
  6. hawks                                                                     6. pelicans 
  7. 76ers                                                                       7. grizzlies
  8. raptors                                                                    8. trailblazers
  9. Knicks                                                                      9. mavericks
  10. nets                                                                          10. Timberwolves
  11. bulls                                                                          11. warriors
  12. heat                                                                          12. thunder
  13. magic                                                                        13. Lakers
  14. hornets                                                                     14. spurs
  15. pistons                                                                       15. rockets

As  you can see there is a big difference from last years ladder if you look at least years ladder you can see how different is is compared to this season it shows that those bottom teams have been working very hard to get to the playoffs for this season. it is crazy to see that the warriors are not even in the top 10 and they won a championship last season.

Best players so for 

  1. Luka Donicic 
  2. Giannis Antetokounmpo
  3. Jason Tatum

All these players are averaging over 30 points a game also have great defensive stats with a at least a block or a steal a game. I would say that Luka stands out because he is the most well rounded player although his team is doing well unlike Jason Tatum and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Let me know who you think will win the MVP and what team will win the championship?


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south coast surfer
From this last synopsis, how have the teams faired?
I really can’t believe the poor start to the season from the Golden State Warriors. Have the other teams developed their roster so they are performing better or is it that the warriors are struggling this season. Either way I do hope they start winning a few games and make it to the playoffs again in 2023