What is meant to dream in marvel Multiverse ??

29 Jun 2022

Doctor strange Multiverse of Madness gives a new idea and definition of dream . Although this idea is limited to fiction marvel cinematic universe only cause we don't have explore about Multiverse in science.
In ancient mythology , Multiverse has also been talked in famous hindu mythology book named ' Ramayan' . In short , Hanuman cames to Naglok just to take Ring of Lord Ram and King of Naglok feel it different and asked why are you alwaying coming for same thing to take ring only here ??. It simply means Multiverse is pun pointed at Naglok and Several Hanuman came from several universe to take ring of  repesctive Lord Ram universe.

Let's talk about our actual topic ,If you are dreaming something in your universe means as simple that that activities are just real in another universe and your counterpart is actually having that incident in real life.Our main universe  Doctor strange has dream of saving Chavez and reaching to Book of Vishanti was actually happening in Earth- 838 universe. And It simply also refers us to the pointing out that America Chavez exist in one body only and there are no copies of her in another universe when she said she hasn't dream in her entire life yet. America Chavez gas power to travel Multiverse using her star portal.

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