For Dami

15 Jul 2022

I always believe that life is a journey everyone is embarking on
We reach our destinations the day we die and people say we're gone

But during this journey we meet different travelers along the way
While some of them may be walking with us for a short time, others are here to stay

Few months ago, I was walking on my own before our paths intertwined
With an open heart I accepted your company as I tattooed you on my mind

Maybe God sent you to me or it is you, I was sent to
Unlike many travelers I've met, you're smart, pretty and sane too

I know we sometimes let our emotions get the best of us and we're later contrite
No friendship is perfect and I promise nothing will end us not even a fight

What I'm saying is that you are the best thing to happen to anyone, Dami
And if at a point in life the conversation between us dies, Damn me!

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