How I became the Bobarian of the Month pt.3

5 Jul 2022

Did you miss the first and second parts? Check them out anyways...

The last part ended when I decided I was gonna shoot my shot at the Bobarian of the Month recognition, which I would say made ME heartbroken. Do you want to know what happened? Read on.

So the month of may had ME trying to secure a spot at the Bobarian of the Month title. To have an edge over others, I stayed active on Twitter, retweeted every post by Boba Network, made comments and just kept interacting and interacting with their social media account.

Towards mid-may, I developed a new strategy, hopped on their discord server, spent more time with the moderator, and I started my one content a day challenge. So every day right from the 17th of May, 2022 I created content for Boba Network and just shared it on my Twitter account and on their discord server.

To be continued...

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