3 Steps to Make a Comprehensive Car Buying Plan: What Are the Main Points?

4 Jan 2023

How to choose the right car are always not an easy job for new car buyers whilst hundreds of car models from tens of thousands of automotive manufactories ahead of them. Picking up the big car coming with good performance at a high price? Does a car come with good-looking and innovative exteriors? Does it really suitable and meets your needs? Which are the main points for buying a car? Comfort? Safety? Powertrain? Engine efficiency? All right now stop thinking about such an annoying question and get these 3 crucial points checked, and you will know buying a car are not tough as you expected.

Point 1: Figure your needs out first

Things just come in the manner of improving your life quality and thus, just make sure what you need from a car. Cars are made by many car producers with the aim of saving time from commuting, making short-distance travel and even having a self-driving tour and as a result, the requirements are varied. With the main car requirements, you may need to make a full plan and budget for buying a car like insurance and fuel price more.

Point 2: New car or secondhand?

You should Google out the precautions information of buying a second hand or search for some automotive second-hand news platform like AutoFun.co.th. However, if you need a brand new car, then AutoFun automotive experts can offer you great points like reviews, pros and cons, colors and you name it, for making you grasp the whole picture of the desired car.

Point 3. SUV?MPV? Sedan?

Let's take an SUV like Honda City for example:

Pros: High chassis, good passibility; high seat position, good view.

Cons: Lack of power when the displacement is the same; if power is sufficient, fuel consumption will be larger.

The most important points here:

Like the car design, when it comes to buying a car, the first things you need to pay attention to and make a full comparison among the key factors like body length, width, height, and wheelbase. One of the key points is not necessarily the longer the car, the more space inside the car (which is related to the overall design of the car)!

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