Defli Update

22 Sept 2023

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Good Afternoon.
Just a quick update on Defli.
The project now has Desky, Dacars and Defli, each have their own token which can be swapped for the main Defli token. Only the Defli token will be listed. I have not embarked on any of these other projects.
It is still a very new project with under 300 walllets but there has been a little FUD regarding Defli. 
1 A video chat with the team had been set up but has not happened yet.
I have looked and have found no information on the team, just a virtual office address in Delaware. This to me is concerning and one of the thing's I would normally know before embarking on a project but as it cost us so little as we already had the equipment, I took a wild punt.
2 The data we are sending, was it actually going somewhere?
There is a new function to check this once you have updated some code. (I have not done this yet)
3 Equipment ordered has not arrived.
Pre-built units that were supposed to take 3 weeks to be delivered have not arrived after 8 weeks. Defli have said last night they will refund anybody who has ordered equipment but has not received it. They will be using a new supplier from now on. Only time will tell if this actually happens.
4 The P2P sales due no listing.
Lots of real P2P trades have happened. I have now made 3 P2P sales of my Defli tokens. I found this quite odd as it goes against the crypto ethos 'Do not trust, verify'. I did work on trust but I could have used a middleman for a small fee but as it was for small amounts I did not feel the need.
The date for listing Defli tokens on a CEX is 23rd of September, we do not know yet which exchange or at what time although you are able to swap your Desky and Decars into tradable Defli tokens now on Pancake swap.
So to summarise, I have made my ROI on this project, a small profit and still hold a good amount of tokens to sell once listed so I am quite happy with it and am cautiously optimistic. I hope it does work out well as I can see a use case but real partnerships need to be made for the equipment to be used as well as the data, but on the plus side I couldn't have been in this project any earlier. The discord is still very busy and there are a few Medium articles too but as usual always DYOR.
As usual thank you for reading and please feel free to comment.
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Curious and interesting article. Thank you
Was waiting for an update on this! Disappointing that the pre made gear hasn't arrived yet. Hopefully it's just a supplier issue and the backlog is cleared. Having an exchange listing date is a good thing though, interested to see how things go over the next few months. Thanks for sharing!
A good update to know
It seems to be an interesting project, thanks for sharing