My vow to you

5 Feb 2023

I swear to always encourage you when you're sad.
When you feel the need to cry, I swear to dry your tears.
I'll do everything in my power to maintain your lovely smile.
Every time you become weak, I swear to be your strength.
I swear to be your voice whenever you're unable to speak.
If you can't see, I swear to be your eyes.
When you can't hear, I swear to be your ears.
When you want to hear the truth, I swear to always tell you the truth.
I'll catch your dreams, I swear.
to drive away each of your fears.

I swear to be your grin.
when your face is scowling.
I swear to always lift your spirits when you're feeling depressed.
I swear to restore your faith whenever you experience insecurity.
I'll work to keep you strong.
whenever you feel unsafe.
When you need to talk, I'll be there to listen.
I swear to you that I will only tell you the truth.
I'll always offer you my shoulder, I swear.
if you ever need to cry.
I'll always be there for you if you need someone.
I'll take good care of you always.

I promise to be there for you no matter where you are.
I swear not to harmed you or break your heart.
I'm not able to provide any guarantees.
I cannot guarantee you the stars.
I can't guarantee that we won't ever argue.
I can't guarantee you I won't cry, but I can promise I'll always be honest with you. I can also promise, baby, that I will always love you with all of my heart and more than anything else.
regardless of what occurs or what we experience.
I will continue to love you forever!
I'll act as your protector.
I make that commitment to you!

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