Apple iOS 16 is now available for download

12 Sept 2022

The newest version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 16, was made available to consumers on Monday. It includes new features that let users customise their iPhone lock screens and alter how they text friends via iMessage. The option to edit and resend recently sent iMessages, as well as mark the messages as unread if users want to review them later, is one of the most anticipated updates. Receivers will be informed that the original message was changed or deleted, and iOS 16 must be used by both parties for this feature to function. This was among the most often requested features, according to Apple.

The interactive lock screen, though, is arguably the most significant update. Custom typefaces, fresh photo effects, unique desktops, and information-at-a-glance widgets are now available. Calendar events, battery life, alarms, Apple Watch Activity rings, and the weather are just a few of the widgets available. You can also track "live" activities like the status of an Uber journey, updates on a sporting event, or food delivery. (Last year, Android unveiled an interactive lock screen.) In addition, it is possible to create many lock screens with various backgrounds that may be changed as the day progresses. Users can browse wallpapers that include suggested photos from their photo libraries, and notifications will now show up at the bottom of the screen so they are out of the way.
Any iPhone model going back to the 2017-released iPhone 8 can use the updated software. At its yearly developer's conference in June, Apple has already teased the additions. Apple (AAPL) introduced its new iPhone 14 series last week in addition to other gadgets. Downloading iOS 16 could provide customers who are hesitant to trade in their outdated iPhones for a comparatively minor upgrade—especially amid concerns about an impending recession—new life for their mobile devices.
Users will also be able to share browser tabs with groups and find more filters for the Focus app, such as the option to not muffle messages from particular contacts or favourite apps, with the new updates. For the first time, Apple is now allowing users to track their movement using the Fitness app without an Apple Watch.
The ability to remove a topic from a photograph or its background and dump it somewhere else, such into an iMessage, may be the most entertaining feature of all. Visit Settings' Software Update area to get the new software. However, users may wish to back up essential images or files before downloading or wait until the second version launches, which is probably in the coming weeks, as the first edition of upgrades for next-generation mobile software frequently has flaws.

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