A Defi Yield Platform- 88mph

13 Jul 2022

Defi has been able to create opportunities for different promising crypto projects and platforms. We see so many Platforms promising high returns for investments made, some boast about security, while others claim to be the best.
Well, I’ll be writing briefly on a project worth anyone’s investment. A platform with wonderful yield returns and security of funds. I am referring to no other platform than 88mph.
You might be wondering, what is 88mph? You are about to find out…


This is a platform that aims to provide the best way in which its users can enjoy a non-custodial, fully on-chain fixed yield rate protocol.
With 88mph, you need not worry about the SAFU of your token, they got you covered with topmost priority attributed to the security of your funds, while still enabling you to earn for using their platform.

88mph has its native token, which is MPH. This token has its use cases which are
It is gotten as an incentive to use 88mph fixed yield rate products and tokens
It gives its holders access to different features such as:

  • Staking
  • Liquidity mining
  • Governance

MPH can also be used as collateral for a growing number of protocols, such as

  • Rari Capital
  • Mantra Dao
  • Unit Protocol

Products offered by 88mph


Deposit crypto or stable coins and earn fixed APR and MPH tokens


Yield tokens or YTs are fungible ERC-20/ERC-1155 tokens that allow speculators to profit from the rise in the yield rate of variable-rate yield protocols (such as Compound, Aave, and Yearn) or hedge part of their borrowing costs of a loan (e.g. Dai borrower on Compound would purchase cDAI YTs on 88mph).


By staking your MPH, you get xMPH, which gives you access to earn 100% of 88mph protocol revenues and voting rights.


By providing liquidity to the MPH-ETH pair on sushiswap, you can earn rewards from staking your LP token on 88mph.

88mph V2 vs V3



From the above pictures, we would notice the upgrade clearly. The colour gradient in the V3 is quite impressive unlike in the V2.

The V3 has an option to connect to the etherum rinkeby testnet network, which would allow you to enjoy its features before you decide to hop into the mainnet to earn some rewards.
The 88mph V3 has lots of options to enable its users to make the most of their funds. It must also be noted that the V3 is audited and secured by

  • Trial of Bits
  • Peckshield
  • Code 423n4
  • Immunefi

Your funds are definitely SAFU with 88mph

With all this being said, I hope you head over to https://88mph.app/ and make your funds work for you. You got nothing to worry about with 88mph.

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