My favourite Blockchain

29 Jun 2022

Which blockchain is my Favourite?

It is definitely Solana

How did I get to know about Solana?

Back then when Solana airdrops just started booming, the days of $COPE, $SAMO, $WOOF, etc. I got introduced to Solana Blockchain by my friends. 

We were all grinding for airdrops hoping to get lucky someday. Then, we had to battle for OG roles on Discord, which wasn't always that easy to do.

So, most of the airdrops then just happened to be one of the best in terms of ATH amongst all airdrops I ever heard of.

One is $SAMO, which the total airdrop amount got to $200K at some point before it went down.

Why do I love Solana?

I  will say that the Solana community is quite strong, and a project is only as strong as its community.

Despite all the times Solana had network issues and it had to be shut out for a while, the community still believes in it. So, that's the kind of community I always want to belong to.

To be continued... Stay tuned

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really this information is amazing.
Me too i love solana 😘
All blockchain is not easy so I not loved all.
Solana was also my favorite blockchain until CZ made me fall in love with BNB Chain. I still love Solana tho, but then BNB and Ethereum are now my favourite loves