15 Jun 2022

Continuation of investment part 3 ... 

Soverign gold bonds - Soverign gold bonds is a ki
%nd of investment which is for long term. It someone want to make a handsome amonut of profit from soverign gold bonds they need to investment their money for atleast 5 years and maximum 8 years. It a kind of asset which can be purchased dogitally and you earn interest every quarter @ 2.5% as of now. It is better form of gold investment as considered to other form of gold investments because there is no risk of theft of gold and no storage charges , making charges etcwhich makes this form of investment a best form for gold investment . 

Digital gold - Another form of gold investment is digital gold buying a person can invest in digital gold through any app . There are 1000 of apps present which helps the investor to buy digital gold . For eg - phonepe, paytm, gpay etc. Aperson can use sip or lumpusum mode of investment for buying digital gold and can buy anytime as per their needs . Butthere is a charge of GST when someone sells the gold they bought. So always keep in mind to hold the digital gold for atleast 1 year sooo u can earn some profithowever there is no limit on maximum holding period. 

To be continued in part 5...

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