Flying Max

4 Mar 2023

There was a boy named Max, Who loved to play with his toy hacks. He'd build and create with all his might, And sometimes even stay up all night.

One day, Max met a bird in a tree, Who said, "You should try flying, it's so free!" Max thought it sounded like a great idea, So he built himself wings and began to steer.

He flapped and flapped with all his might, But soon realized that he was in a fright. He looked down and saw the ground so far, And thought, "Oh no, I might hit a car!"

He cried for help and soon enough, His dad came by and gave a puff. He lifted him up and Max realized, That sometimes adventures can be disguised.

So Max went back to his toy hack game, And built and created with a new-found aim. He learned that sometimes it's best to stay, And that being himself was the only way.

So if you see a boy with a toy hack, Building and creating with a big knack, Just remember that trying new things is grand, But being yourself is always in demand!

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