Earn 10 TrueFi (TRU) for free with Binance Learn & Earn Campaign!

11 Nov 2022

Earn 10 TrueFi (TRU) for free with Binance Learn & Earn Campaign!

What is Binance Learn & Earn?
"Binance Learn & Earn" is a Binance campaign where users can gain knowledge on blockchain and earn free crypto by completing courses and quizzes. All KYC-verified Binance users can begin to read the articles and watch the video(s) anytime from now, and complete quizzes from 2022-11-09 09:00 (UTC) while token supplies last!
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What is TrueFi (TRU)?
TrueFi is DeFi’s first credit protocol for credit, governed by the TRU token. TrueFi brings collateral-free lending on-chain, maximizing capital efficiency for borrowers and earning rates for lenders. TrueFi was initially built by the TrustToken team, who previously developed TrueUSD (TUSD) and other top fiat-backed stablecoins. TrueFi is following a path of progressive decentralization.
Quiz Questions and Answers:
Beware that the order of the questions might differ on your quiz page! You can find the answers below, in case of a different order in the questions you can find the answer from the choices. 
Q1 Answer: The world’s most transparent and effective financial infrastructure to support the global credit market
Q2 Answer: All are correct
Q3 Answer: Collateralized lending
Q4 Answer: $2 billion
Q5 Answer: TRU
Q6 Answer: All are correct
Q7 Answer: All are correct
Q8 Answer: All are correct
Q9 Answer: Each pool and portfolio has its own lender selection criteria, set by the manager
Q10 Answer: All are correct
Q11 Answer: Optimism
Q12 Answer: Exit liquidity differs depending on the opportunity, based on specifications set by the manager
What is the prize?
After the successful completion of the quiz, you will get a cash voucher for 10 TRU tokens. Reward distribution generally takes less than 48 hours. However, you may not receive the rewards if you’re not qualified.
Important note: TrueFi Learn & Learn End of campaign ends on 30th November 2022 but rewards are distributed on a first come first served basis so be quick while supplies last!

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