My crypto story

3 Jul 2022

We all have our stories about how we began the journey as a crypto enthusiast, and as such I am no exception.
Some time back then, I came across a guy who made lots of money monthly as a student blogging on a popular Blockchain site as at then, I think it was steemit. 
Curiosity had the best of Me, and I decided to make enquiries about the procedures involved in becoming a crypto enthusiast, even if the term crypto was still very strange to Me and confusing.
Aftere a little bit of tutorial and explanations, I created my account on steemit and started my blogging journey.
It wasn't long before I started making money off steemit, wow, I was so shocked and surprised. It all was like a dream to Me, all I could ponder about was how much I had missed out of a lot while I didn't hear and know about crypto. 
So from being a blogger, I started chasing airdrops and doing several other things just to earn some cash from the crypto space, since then it's been one thing or the other, and now I'm on BULB

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Wowo, what a journey man
Nice story 👍
So inspirational and motivatiobal story, one should definitely learn from this
Interesting story you got there, my story goes way back to airdrops too. I’m just really happy I picked an interest in the crypto space because it’s been wonderful and a great experience being part of the crypto space 😌😌
Great story you got there, I also made some cool cash blogging on some crypto platforms back then. It was really fun doing so and grinding for airdrops while filling forms. I really do miss those days mehnnn. But it feels good to be in back, brings back old memories