The most romantic tourist destinations in the world

28 May 2024

When choosing a destination, many tourists head to places with romantic landscapes to multiply the feeling of happiness, especially when they go with their loved ones or close friends.

If you are looking for "underground paradises" with natural scenery or beautiful architecture and cultural works that captivate people's hearts, please refer to the following most romantic tourist destinations in the world. . In particular, lovebirds will definitely love these destinations.

Bali Island, Indonesia

Speaking of "romantic paradise", surely the first place to mention is Bali island in Indonesia, famous for its picturesque beauty of long coastline, clear blue water, and soft white sand. tourist footsteps. This is the ideal destination for couples who want to find their own space to enjoy the warmth of love in a sparkling beautiful setting. Especially when sunset falls, Bali is dreamy and a bit magical.

Not only famous for the poetic beauty of the sea, sandy beaches and rows of trees, Bali island is also known as the land of hundreds of temples, of which the most prominent are Uluwatu temple and Tanah Lot temple located on the cliffs. Standing rock overlooking the sea.

Venice, Italy

"City of love" or "mecca of love" are words used to describe Venice, an extremely romantic city of Italy. People compare this city to a giant spider web with 118 islands and 175 canals. The islands are connected by 444 bridges.

Coming to Venice, you will notice something extremely strange: there are no cars. Therefore, you can freely stroll on the streets bearing the imprint of ancient Western cities, through bustling shopping areas with many diverse items. The popular means of transportation here is boat. The image of gondolas, an ancient type of Venetian boat, floating lazily on the still water, passing through every corner will certainly leave an indelible mark on those who have been to this place.

Night falls, Venice sparkles with lights, shining on the water, creating a strange and mysterious beauty


It is impossible not to mention the Maldives when listing the most romantic tourist destinations in the world. What makes the Maldives a "paradise of love" or "paradise of paradise"? That is the magnificent beauty of the island, a beauty that makes many people unable to believe their eyes. Looking down from above, the Maldives is like a string of sparkling pearls in the clear, warm blue water of the vast ocean. The white sand beach stretches in a quiet atmosphere.

This is the ideal destination for couples in love. Maldives is like a world isolated from the outside, where there are only green trees, blue clouds, warm sea and coral reefs hidden in shallow water. A quiet moment to enjoy this heavenly beauty will make you forget all fatigue and pressure.

Although quiet, this place has all the world's top amenities, high-end resorts, and the most prestigious hotels. Of course, the budget tourists have to spend is also the most expensive in the world.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is known as the capital of Tango, with a strong Latin imprint, a bustling place with a bustling nightlife that will captivate the feet of tourists, making them never want to return.

Buenos Aires is also famous for its unique architectural works, known as the "Paris of South America". This place has houses that look like boxes with many different colors, creating a vivid, unique and impressive housing picture.

Jeju Island, South Korea

I don't know when Jeju Island became a paradise for lovers, a place full of all the beauty of nature, with a delicate combination of high mountains, wide sea, waterfalls mixed with forests. immense green. Beautiful and dreamy nature in a fresh, romantic atmosphere. If you are a fan of Korean romantic movies, you will definitely not be able to resist the legendary scenes on the beautiful island of Jeju.

Jeju is famous for its "three many", that is, the three most abundant things: Stone, wind and women. Stone is present everywhere on the island, used as gates, as field boundaries... Due to its geographical location, the island has many types of winds blowing all year round, creating a unique feature of the island. Women on the island are not beautiful but they are extremely talented, shouldering all tasks no less than men, including diving in the sea.

Santorini, Egypt
A town with two main colors: blue and white overlooking the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, Santorini offers great romance for couples. It's wonderful to stay in a villa facing the sea and enjoy the cool breeze in the evening.

Hop on a catamaran cruise that will take you and your loved one to the island's iconic Red Beach and White Beach, where you can indulge in a refreshing swim in the waters of the volcanic hot springs. You can also go scuba diving and enjoy delicious local specialties. Santorini Island deserves to be ranked among the most romantic tourist destinations in the world.

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