Ahmednagar Fort

19 Oct 2022
13 April 1944, Ahmednagar Fort

My ninth trip to jail was this one. We arrived here more than twenty months ago. The moon was welcoming us when we arrived, sparkling in the pitch-black sky as the dazzling half had just started. Since then, I feel as though I am reminded that another month of my confinement has gone every time the new moon rises. The moon has been my constant companion throughout my captivity. It serves as a reminder that there is light after the dark. I created a garden here in the Ahmednagar Fort, just like I did in other jails. I started working in the hot sun for several hours each day crafting things for the flowers. The ground was stony, quite poor, and covered in old malt dregs. Because it is a historical location, this occurred in the past.

have witnessed numerous wars and palace intrigue. This place doesn't have a long history. Additionally, it is of no particular importance in terms of events. However, a related episode is still remembered today. The bravery of Chand Bibi, a stunning woman who led her army with a sword in her hand against the royal army of Akbar to protect this fort, is the subject of this occurrence. However, she was ultimately assassinated by one of her own soldiers.
We discovered various domes and upper portions of buildings during the excavations, in addition to pieces of ancient walls buried far beneath the surface of the ground. We were unable to get very far since we lacked the resources and government approval necessary to continue our effort. I've put down the spade at this point and picked up the pen. But the present is not a part of my reality until I am freed from karma. I am unable to write about it. I also cannot pretend to be a prophet in order to write about the future. The past is still with us, but I am unable to discuss it in the manner of a historian or academic. Like before, I can only write about it after making a connection with my thoughts and day's events. According to Goethe, this kind of history offers some respite from the crushing weight of the past.
Positive or negative pressure overwhelms both. Sometimes this pressure can be oppressive, especially for cultures with origins in very ancient civilizations like India and China. What exactly is my legacy? What do I get to keep? What about everything that mankind has accomplished over the span of thousands of years. The joy of his wins, the sorrow of his defeats, and the remarkable human adventures that started long ago and are still going strong now interest us. All of this is mine to inherit. Additionally, everything in which the entire human species is partnered. Even though no two people are exactly alike, there is something distinctive about our Indian background that makes it remarkable. However, there is one thing that pertains specifically to humans and is found in our blood, flesh, and bones. Our current form was created from this attribute, and our future shape will be created from it as well. I've been thinking about this unique heritage and how to use it in the present for a very long time. On this, I want to write. I'm terrified by how challenging and complicated the topic is. I suppose I can only touch it lightly.

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