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18 Oct 2022

The rooster crows as dawn comes and the community starts to awaken. Arun the King announces the coming of the Sun God. He finishes sweeping the yard and moves his hand to the water's edge. The caste's constant groaning advances the course of existence. In the village, there are two dawns: small dawn and great dawn, also known as bhali dawn.

Brightness increases in the east direction. The Sun God, who takes the appearance of a crimson orb, rides in a chariot drawn by seven horses. With his rays, Surya, who bestows life and light upon all creation, sustains life on earth. Mauli's lips is expressing gratitude for him and his magnificence while singing and grinding. By thinking of Lord Prabhuramachandra, the risen Sun God, and wishing all children a long and healthy life, the mother of the house awakens her infant. For a crow, filling its stomach is a pretty simple task. He is a superhuman. He never considers anything to be a waste. He takes up the mouse that was laying on the tree with joy. He runs the fish up the flimsy knee board while carrying a belly full of fish on his head. He spreads out a basket of bread as he walks into the kitchen through an open window. He doesn't feel bad about this theft. 

requests for Prabhu Ramachandra, who is thought of as the village's mother in many different ways. They recall his innocent form when the sun rises. 122. Her young kid is to her like the moonlight. The villagers consider that work begins when the sun rises. The primary earners in society are farmers! It is customary to take the cattle out to graze in the early morning hours. The cowherds move toward the mountains carrying a stick on their shoulders with a shidori connected to it as they begin cleaning the cowshed by collecting the animal manure from the cowshed that has been emptied. A lovely rangoli and swastika are created, and the sun deity is greeted by stepping into the courtyard. The hue of the Sun God himself is used to salute the driver. In addition to all of this, she also thinks of her dear brother, who is the maternal uncle of her child, and she prays for his long life. 

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