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6 Jun 2022

Howdy BULBers,

It’s time for our team to provide an update as to what has been happening on BULB since the launch of Beta 2.0. It’s important now more than ever to shed some light on recent platform and community changes, discuss BULB moving forward and set some very simple, yet clear guidelines that come with being a part of this amazing community!

Community Update

After launching Beta 2.0 on May 16th, it has been simply great to see a number of new and friendly faces join the community to share their unique ideas, experiences and perspectives with everyone. We’d like to extend our gratitude to these new users and express our hope to establish a relationship with each of you as we work together to build the community over time. 

However, as the saying goes - ‘with all good in the world there is always some bad’ 

As we are sure you’re all aware, there has been an influx of users who have demonstrated clear motives to exploit the platform and take advantage of the community in an attempt to earn BULB Tokens without effort. Of course, everyone can rationalise this approach, it makes sense to try and ‘game’ the system and earn yourself a bag of BULB Tokens by copying and pasting articles from the internet. In the future, these tokens will be liquid and having more only represents a greater share in the value of the platform. We aren't naïve to the fact that there is an obvious incentive to earn as much as you can. Although we understand the approach, it’s of vital importance to make it clear to all what BULB is and what it is not so that we can move forward collaboratively.

Recent Platform Developments

With increasing incidents of copyright infringement, spam and multi account creation, the team has introduced the following features to protect the integrity of the community:

Content Filtering - Each comment and post shared on BULB receives an algorithmic score that is based on how likely it is to reflect disingenuous engagement. This score will affect its visibility under each filter level (Low Medium or High) which can be manually adjusted in settings. The team is cognisant of the fact that some genuine content may be filtered incorrectly and want to assure you that we are working each and every day to finetune parameters and provide the best user experience possible. 

Community Moderation System - To move closer toward the goal of a community driven platform, next week we will begin testing a community moderation system where foundational BULBers will be given the ability to moderate content that is considered spam, in violation of copyright or considered disrespectful to the community. Rest assured, everyone makes mistakes and it’s not a one strike and you’re out policy. After all, who doesn’t believe in second chances? Even three before your account is disabled? 

Energy Purchases Paused - The team has made the tough decisions to temporarily pause the purchase of energy whilst we work through solutions to mitigate spam and protect the platform from unnecessary exploitation. We appreciate your patience in the reactivation of these features and will keep you updated upon their reintroduction.  

Spam Resistant BULBmoji's - to mitigate against the spam of BULBmojis, we have introduced a temporary system that penalises actions that occur within a very short interval of each other. To be rewarded for your engagement, take a minute between using each BULBmoji ;)  

BULB’s Guidelines

Realising that a number of users weren't aware of the guidelines, it is vitally important that we provide of a clear framework for the community to work within - here is a run down on our code of conduct. 

  • Users must not copy, upload, download, or share content unless they have the explicit rights or permissions to do so.

  • Remain at all times respectful to other members of the community. 

  • Please do not join BULB with alternative accounts. 

  • There is zero tolerance for abusive or offensive usernames.

  • Users must not, or attempt to spam.

The following “Illegal Content” despite being extreme and unlikely to surface within the community, cannot be tolerated. This is content that: 

  • Incites hatred, violence, or discrimination on account of people’s origin, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and others. 

  • Constitutes sexual harassment.

  • Constitutes an affront to human dignity (for example, human trafficking).

  • Condones or denies crimes against humanity.

  • Promotes terrorism.

  • Condones very serious crimes against individuals (for example, murder or sexual assault).

  • Condones crimes of theft, extortion, and damage to property that are dangerous to individuals.

  • Constitutes child pornography or is harmful to minors. 

You can read BULB's code of conduct in full here.

Concluding Remarks

It’s easy to get caught up in the less than ideal situations we face in life so it’s important for us to conclude with some stuff to celebrate. The number of talented creators and inquisitive readers continues to grow and we are grateful for all of the genuine contributions to this community, so thank you for your continued support!

BULB exists to create a community where your ideas, passions and engagement are rewarded and we will achieve this, together.

As always, if you have any questions or wish to discuss something specific with our team, you can contact us at info@bulbapp.io.



[1] BULB, 'Write to Earn. Read to Earn' (online, 2022) <https://www.bulbapp.io/>

Write to Earn. Read to Earn.

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Establishing these clear and consistent guidelines on the purpose of this community, this great community will ensure it prosperous well into the future where knowledge and expertise is shared. Well Done!
These steps and improvements are all needed. We want to make sure we have a clean and content rich community. The fact that people are trying to earn BULB the wrong way just shows this platform is growing and people see the importance and possibilities this platform offers. The future for BULB is bright and I am proud to call myself a BULBer. Keep up the great work BULB team. I hope I will have the chance to help moderate and make this platform one of the biggest and best Cryptocurrency blogging platforms!! Thanks for the update and taking the time to make such an amazing platform.
Bulb is making a great progress. I'm glad to be part of this community and to contribute. It is good to take those points of concern for everyone. Bulb project has a lot of potential, and inevitably with any project that has potential, some people will try to attack it and take advantage. We need real contributors that make this project shine. Those who are trying to take advantage of BULB can go back to Web 2.0 and have fun. 😎 BULB is here to stay! 🚀
Thanks team!! This is a very important article and I'm hoping that all of my fellow users will take these considerations on board. I really appreciate what you're trying to build and I only hope that Bulb becomes bigger and better in the future.
MBA ChitChat
These new developments to promote Web 3.0 is really amazing.
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