Manta Network Incentivized TESTNET HUGE AIRDROP

7 Jun 2022

Manta & Calamari Networks, are building the technology that allows users to privatize any parachain asset including DOT and KSM. After months of development, Manta Network is excited to launch Dolphin v2, which enables product features giving users back their right to privacy in a faster, more secure manner. You can read about the enhancements from v1 in this detailed article that discusses the features of v2.

Dolphin v2 provides you with the chance to test and experiment with the protocols before they go live on Calamari and Manta. Dolphin V1, which was launched in December 2021, has conducted over 60,000+ unique transactions across 6,000 unique wallet addresses. Just like in Dolphin v1, Dolphin v2 has a feedback form. Contribute to the feedback form and follow the other instructions on the Gleam campaign to qualify for the airdrop to Dolphin v2 participants.

The Incentivized Testnet

Dolphin v1 was not an incentivized testnet. The purpose of v1 was to collect as much feedback from the core community as possible. 500 responses and thousands of pieces of feedback were used to create Dolphin v2.
Dolphin v2 is incentivized. The goal is to open up testing to a broader community in order to not only receive feedback from new users, but also to demonstrate privacy on Polkadot/Kusama to people who may not have heard about Manta or Calamari in the past.
To qualify for our airdrop, try out the incentivized testnet and follow us on social media.

Polkadot.js Wallet

To start using the Dolphin V2, you will need to first set up your accounts. If you have not downloaded the Polkadot.js wallet yet, then follow the instructions below:
Download the polkadot.js browser wallet;
Open the extension, and create a new wallet address;
Follow this tutorial from Polkadot to create an account using the Polkadot extension.
Currently, Dolphin Testnet V2 supports the Polkadot.js browser extension wallet to manage public assets.

Manta Signer

Manta Signer is a secret manager and zero-knowledge proof generator for use with Manta Network, Calamari Network and Dolphin Testnet.
The signer will be the computational extension of the secrets that only you know about and is able to construct proofs based on them. You’re then able to send those proofs to the blockchain to update the ledger with the changes only you can make. Manta Signer is available for the below operating systems (OS) for download.
After you have downloaded the Manta signer, then open the signer and follow the prompts to create an account. It will require an 8-character length password. You must remember this password because it will be required in the future. Please note, that we will be rolling out password recovery, but it’s not enabled yet.

Dolphin Faucet

Dolphin V2 is a testnet, so imagine it as its own enclosed ecosystem, simulating the actual Polkadot/Kusama ecosystems. Anyone can obtain testnet tokens. To get them, you have to first go into our Discord Server, specifically the dolphin-faucet channel. Inside the Dolphin faucet, you can use various commands to get your testnet tokens.
Type the /gimme command, and you’ll see different options pop up (see image below). Make sure to get $DOL first, because $DOL is the native token of the testnet, which must be used to pay gas fees on every transaction (on the main net, $MANTA will be used on Manta, while $KMA will be used on Calamari).
In the address field of the command, enter your public receive address from the Dolphin Testnet. The bot should activate and send you some testnet tokens!

Dolphin in Action (Testnet)

For you to start sending private transactions, you’ll interact with our Dolphin Testnet Application. We’ve created a YouTube video that walks you through the MantaPay in Action. You can also follow our documentation guide here to see how to privatize tokens, privately transact to different addresses, and reclaim public tokens from the private tokens you receive.

About Manta Network

Manta Network is committed to building a better Web3 world through privacy protection. Manta’s product design starts from first principles and provides end-to-end privacy protection for blockchain users through leading cryptography architectures such as zkSNARK. While ensuring privacy, Manta offers interoperability, convenience, high performance, and auditability, allowing users to conduct private transfers and transactions between any parallel chain of assets. Manta’s vision is to provide more convenient privacy protection services for the entire blockchain world.

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