Farmers Markets #2: Vote your veAERO and veVELO

12 May 2024

If you aren't familiar with the veTOKEN model then check out my explainer post about this on Bulb

If you want to know more about the analysis here see my post on Bulb

Voting veVELO - Epoch 102

See Dune Dashboard for Epoch details
Velodrome Vote:
Optimism Block Explorer
Birdseye token explorer
Velodrome Epoch Dune dashboard

Epoch 101 rewards

I voted for the vAMM-WETH/TLX LP



We got it pretty spot in terms of predicted to actual rewards. Seeing this is only a small amount we'll hold onto our rewards for now (except for the WETH, which goes back into VELO) in Coingecko.

Who I'm voting my veVELO for this epoch

Here's who I'm voting for

Here how I'm voting

Assessing the rewards


A yield farming protocol. Kinda seems like an investment fund only for yield farming. Currently the treasury is going to incentivising the LP on Velodrome.

Chart doesn't look too bad. It will be interesting to see if they're actually winding this down or are retooling for Optimism. X account seems pretty active.

Those high vAPRs....

This epoch we celebrate the awfulness that is this LP

X account linked on Birdseye is suspended

Website has their other/new X account

Chart is terrible. No volume and a warning. Only thing keeping this LP up there is token incentives (likely from some Foundation grant from a few cycles ago...)

Voting veAERO - Epoch 37

Aerodrome Rewards:
Aerodrome Voting
Base Block Explorer
Birdseye Token Explorer
Aerodrome Epoch Dune dashboard

Epoch 36 rewards

How I voted

My voting rewards



So a predicted ~$25 became ~$6. We'll hold onto the tokens for now. They're really not worth much at present so we'll leave them in our wallet and keep an eye on what they're doing through a portfolio on Coingecko (whatever we can't track we'll sell back into ETH/AERO).

Who I'm voting my veAERO for this epoch

This epoch I'm voting for
Pool address

This is the way I'm voting

Assessing the rewards

$AERO needs no further explanation.


i.e., The Next 100x memecoin on Base

It's a memecoin but one linked to an NFT project and the basic premise it's a last-man-standing scenario. From the website

The Based LP NFTs can be burnt for an allocation of $TN100x. 60% of the per NFT allocation is redeemed immediately, 40% goes to backing the rest of the NFTs. The longer you hold the more you get.

So the game is essentially to see at what stage NFT holders burn their NFTs to sell the token. The longer you wait the more chance you have of the token dumping BUT you also will get more tokens when you decide to burn the NFTs.

Chart isn't too bad so far, but it's a game of brinkmanship. Which is, admittedly, pretty cool. No idea really why you'd buy the token though. Seems the obvious play is to buy the NFTs to then burn and sell the resulting tokens.

Those high vAPRs....

This epoch's special mention goes to $TOWER


Token rewards look great on paper and the website seems like this is a reasonable gamefi project but the token looks terrible. Comes with big warnings on Birdseye too.
Stay away.

Over to you

Where are you voting your veAERO and veVELO this epoch?
Let me know in the comments!

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