For in the Divine, man Depends

12 Aug 2022

The duty of man depends,
To sow seeds of love,
For man,Lord is merciful and kind.
Man,bear this word in mind,
For in the Divine,man depends!

"My Father's house requires you"
Once,He warned man with love,
Not to shun love at whatever cost.
All of us should obey him,
For in the Divine,man depends!

On the mountain where he prayed,
He found his disciples sleeping
In love you woke them
That they may not die
Find a Divine,man depends!

Our youths has shunned love;
His clarion call,they bluff.
Choice in man shall one day tell,
List for flesh leads but to hell.
For in the Divine,man depends!

Dad and mom, please, don't relent!
Please,teach your wards repentance
From their sinful nature. Teach them love!
They should turn to Christ for salvation.
For in the Divine,man depends!

This is a poem concerned with the human confession to his Faith

 wisdom okure (2018)

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Nice poem
Lovely poem! Enjoyed reading this