Auntie Femi

14 Jul 2022

On my 14th birthday, Dad, Mom and I embarked on a family road trip. They really wanted to take a break from work and all and I was just happy to be a part of it. But it happened all quickly when a faulty brake led us into a car crash. I was the only survivor. 

Three months later I moved in with Auntie Femi, Mom's younger sister and a mother of two. But while I saw her as an Aunt, she saw me as a maid. She wasn't the sympathetic Aunt I saw at the funeral. She was just a wolf in sheep's clothing, now she's all bark and all bite. Unlike her kids, I did all the chores and stopped going to school because as she said "if I'm going to convince her that I'm ready to start school, I need to work twice as hard".

I was miserable, I spent my days with teary eyes and in the night I can't sleep. Auntie Femi kept saying "Lazy child, you should've died with them". And I started believing she was right. Auntie Femi says I'm the witch that killed her sister and husband. I'm scared because I didn't know. 

Auntie Femi says I'm the same witch that killed her husband.
Everyday millions of cells die in the body and millions more are created.
So that being said I'm not the same person I was yesterday.
Auntie Femi says she's going to kill me one day. But I believe that if we're entirely made up of cells then you can't kill what has died before.

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