Week in Review: Let's Hear From You

25 Mar 2022

Hello BULB 'Founders'

What an exciting first week for BULB and thank you all for signing up...

We hope that you enjoyed testing out the platform, got a feel for the projects concept and were pleased to see some BULB Tokens hit your wallet! There was some great articles written in Week 1 and fantastic engagement from everyone.

Congratulations to MBA ChitChat who takes the cake for BULB's very first article of the week with - "New Business Model"

If you haven't already, go give it a read!

A major step in building the BULB community and improving the platform successfully is to quickly reiterate and make adjustments in preparation for new users. We feel there is no better way to do this than to hear your feedback as testers of the platform.

So, it is time for your critique! The team deeply values all your honest and constructive feedback so don't hold back!

To give feedback you can:

1) Complete a short google form here
2) Let the team know directly

We look forward to hearing your feedback and thanks again!

- BULB Team

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agree with the comments here. A fantastic platform and some great content. Well Done all
Minted Millennials
Awesome work on the platform. looking forward to giving feedback :)
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