Weight Loss Alert: Hot water

22 Sept 2022

Important news for those who drink hot water, with weight loss, these disadvantages can also happen:

Drinking warm water reduces weight, but there are many disadvantages in the body, many more problems arise, how and in what quantity to drink hot water.

warm water side effects

DNA Hindi : Warm Water Side Effects in Hindi- We all know that drinking hot water leads to weight loss. Many people drink hot water first thing in the morning as soon as they wake up. Hot water is beneficial for health but it also has some disadvantages. How hot the hot water should be, in what quantity is it beneficial for health, let's know everything

Benefits (Warm Water Benefits)

Drinking hot water is always beneficial for health. Hot water detoxifies your body and removes toxic substances from the body, due to which many health-related problems are removed. It also improves your metabolism and reduces appetite. If hot water is drunk after eating food, then it strengthens the digestive system, problems like constipation, gas (acidity) go away. This improves the nervous system of the body.

Disadvantages (Hot Water Side Effects)

Drinking hot water has advantages as well as some disadvantages. Drinking too much hot water does a lot of damage. There is swelling in the body, drinking hot water can affect the internal organs of the body. Drinking water for a long time can cause stomach irritation.

Drinking hot water can also cause problems in the intestines. In such a situation, avoid consuming too much hot water.

Drinking hot water also affects the kidneys. Research has shown that drinking hot water puts more stress on the kidneys than normal water, which can lead to kidney problems.

Drinking hot water at night brings more urine. Actually hot water puts pressure on the blood vessel cells. In this case, drinking hot water at night will lead to frequent urination and this will disturb sleep.

Hot water can be drunk, but not too hot, the water should be lukewarm, you can drink hot water in the morning.


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