Buy Airline tickets with Crypto

11 Apr 2024
Websites and airlines where you can book and pay for airline tickets with Cryptocurrency.

Planning a trip soon and want to pay with your bitcoin or other cryptocurrency ? Well look no further as I have prepared this list of reliable ( some I have not used ) website links and Airlines that allow for the purchase of Airline tickets directly with the use of our coins.

Travel Websites that allow the purchase of airline tickets with Crypto Payments

In November 2013, became the first travel agency worldwide to accept bitcoin as an alternate form of payme

nt for flights. Cheapair was establishd in 1989 and has a long standing reputation as being a good reliable flight ticketing provider.

It is quite easy to book cheap flight tickets with bitcoin and other mainstream cryptocurrencies on

Operating since 2001, Destinia offers a wide range of travel services, they have also been accepting cryptocurrency payments for flight and hotel bookings since 2019. They accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment methods for booking flights and hotel rooms as well as other travel services. Destinia is a very reliable travel service which I myself have used many times.

Alternative Airlines

I myself have never used this service to buy flights with crypto, but as I am writing this post on the subject I did find this website in my web searches. I cannot vouch for it, but would love to hear your experience in comments if you have used Alternative Airlines to buy airline tickets with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Turismo

Packs Crypto Turismo has been operating since 2021, they are a small company that sells all types of airline tickets, cruise packages, hotel room and some specialty services. Like adventure excursion packages and wholesale travel lots. This company also accept USD and EURO but is dedicated to working in the cryptocurrency space. I have not yet used this company's website to buy any travel related products with my coins. So I cannot vouch for its integrity or level of service.

Book flights with crypto

More than 90 crypto payment options are available on Travala to book and pay for flights with crypto. Travala was founded in 2017, is the leading crypto-native travel booking service with 2,200,000+ properties in 230 countries, 400,000+ activities, and 600+ airlines globally. offers a frictionless travel booking experience that incorporates next-generation blockchain technology, tokenised incentives and a best price garantee on stays. With over 90 leading cryptocurrencies available alongside traditional payment methods, travellers can book with crypto and receive discounts, AVA givebacks, and more as part of the AVA Smart Program.

Airlines that allow the direct purchase of flight tickets with cryptocurrency

Air Baltic was the first Airline to accept bitcoin to buy flights directly, established August 1995

they began processing cryptocurrency payments in exchange for Air tickets in 2014. I have no experience booking or flying with Air Baltic as for this review. Another interesting fact about this crypto friendly airline is = In 2022, AirBaltic launched a NFT collection with benefits for the airBaltic Club loyalty program

For now it seems that Baltic air is the only Airline that allos the direct purchase of flights with cryptocurrency, but it won't be long until major airlines are onboard and also accepting crypto to book tickets. I recently ran into this article that mentioned Emirates is planning on accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as launching an nft collection.

Check out this interesting article about Emirates Bitcoin NFT

What about you? Have you ever purchased flights with crypto ? I have done so many times and enjoyed some amazing adventures paid for with bitcoin. Have I miseed good websites or airlines that are also accepting coins for airline tickets or hotel bookings? Let me know in comments.

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