Why Eternal Movie was disliked by many marvel Fans??

28 Jun 2022

Although Marvel movies are quite good due to their VFX , budget films and talented actor /actress casts. But the movie Eternals hit different directions. The movie was avergae or below it but the concept and things to show in this movie are bigger than in other movies. The main reasons for it's ultimate failure or not good reponses of fans are : 

  1. Too much character shown in movies . It could have been a better TV series. There are amny characters with supepowers so that each character doesn't get enough screen time to connect fans and their story.
  2. The box office was low due to corona pandemic. The film has just released soon after break of first corona pandemic.
  3. Being rich in multi-character also , most of characters have almost same powers as we were mostly seeing from the pasts.
  4. Not so good climax : Since, the celestials about to born was easily stopped. No other celestials enters to stop this. Although their most super powerful member Ikaris tried to let it happen.
  5. Poor connection to other characters . Thanos was also eternals.
  6. These characters were seperated and don't want eternals life themselves.

Although , this movies was made with vast concept and most iconic casts as well as more characters  ,this movie still lags the feeling for fans that other movie have created so far.

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Because it's her choice 😅
I did enjoy Eternals but not as much as I had expected and agree not as much as Marvel
agree with you.. i am big fan of marvel series.. but this time disappointed..