Top 5 favourite sports of all time

6 Jul 2022

there are a lot of sports in the world some more entertaining than others here are my top 5
favourite sports in the world.

At number 5 is golf unlike other sports in golf you are battling with yourself to make no mistakes and hit the ball where you want. although I do not enjoy watching it still a great sport. 

Number 4 is soccer this is a great sport to watch a learn how to play gives you team skills and keeps you fit. I enjoy watching the World Cup.

Number 3 is surfing the reason this a great sport is because you just need a board and a beach and just ride down the wave great to improve balance and swimming strength.

Number 2 is rugby league, this is a great for people who like to get physical. It is a very action packed and aggressive sport easy to enjoy.

Number 1 is basketball this is by far my favourite sport so many different moves to learn and easy to improve your skills. the feeling of getting the ball in the basket is amazing great to improve stamina because the game is very paced basketball is all out a very fun sport. 

let me know what is your favourite sport?



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Awesome list. Can I say, based on your other great posts I was not surprised to see Basketball at Number 1
I agree with basketball. Basketball is so fun to watch, there so much variety and the constant swing of leads and turnovers make it a rollercoaster to watch. And that is purely from just a watching point of view. For team sports I feel basketball is by far the best also.
Where is tennis and cricket
These are all amazing sports. However I'll stongly say that basketball is my favorite like that vibe is irreplaceable and it's top notch. I really love it and I hope to keep playing it for a long time. I think I also like surfing but I've never tried it before.
I love football/soccer
Nice list
My favourite sports is cricket, i live cricket.
south coast surfer
That is a great list - most of those would be in my Top 5, with Surfing at No.1, Rugby Union at 2, League at 3, Soccer at 4 and Golf at 5 - surfing for me is an all round safe, healthy and enduring sport - in most cases Surfing is very individual, like golf, other than when you’re competing in Teams events, which are also a lot of fun.