Will you die if you don't chase artificial intelligence?

14 Feb 2023

You don't need to be anxious, and you won't die if you don't chase artificial intelligence, even if you are a developer.

Artificial intelligence is a kind of technology. The main function of technology is to improve the efficiency of production and life and meet the various needs of people's continuous development and enrichment. From this perspective, technology plays its role through products or services. There are three roles in the product (service) chain: producer, owner and user. So if we want to participate in or catch up with a technological trend, we have three choices:

produce a product (service)
have a product (service)
use a product (service)
Under this wave of artificial intelligence, many developers are thinking about how to learn deep learning and machine learning, and how to develop a product that is related to artificial intelligence. Their thinking is "becoming a product maker."

But do you have to be a product maker? Will there be good prospects for becoming a product manufacturer?

not necessarily!

Take Google search engine as an example:

The programmers who developed the search engine received salaries and labor income, and these incomes were quite limited.
Google, which owns search, makes a lot of money.
Some companies that make good use of search engines have obtained traffic from Google, converted it into large purchases, and also made a lot of profits.
This is the economic fate of producers, owners and users of high-tech fields, which is no different from a thousand years ago.

In the field of artificial intelligence, you also have three choices:

You can participate in the manufacturing process of artificial intelligence products (services), sell them once at a time, and obtain higher labor returns than other positions.
Become the owner of a certain product (service), provide this product (service) to many customers at the same time, sell a piece of time to many people many times, and obtain power-level income.
Make reasonable use of artificial intelligence products (services), add leverage to your own work, products and services, and earn more income.
Everyone can find the option that suits them according to their own situation.

If you want to build your business by providing artificial intelligence services, then strive to be an owner and obtain ownership and control of a certain product.

If you have other businesses, dance with the times and try to use artificial intelligence products (services) as a catalyst to superimpose your existing products and services to create greater value.

If you are a developer who can only have a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and value by doing it yourself, then learn related technologies and participate in the product production process.

In short, the one that suits you is the best.

Finally, let's go back to developers who are anxious about artificial intelligence: you are an individual with multiple roles first, and then you are a developer. You don't have to be a maker of artificial intelligence products (services). Your Destiny will not be changed because of this. It is the other two roles that can change your destiny: the owner and the user. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about not being able to participate in the manufacturing process of artificial intelligence products. You should jump out of the developer’s thinking limitations and think about how to use artificial intelligence to change your life and destiny.

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