2 Jun 2022

PooCoin (PooCoin) is a DeFi trading analytics website for BNB, Polygon (MATIC), and KuChain (KCC). PooCoin rivals DexTools (DEXT), the primary Ethereum (ETH) DEX analytics tracker. The PooCoin token is currently trading at $1.28, with a market cap of ~$8M and a total supply of 10M tokens.


What is Poocoin?
PooCoin is the world’s most visited DeFi analytics website according to Alexa. PooCoin ranks in world’s #1000 most visited websites at #672 while Dextools, its main competitor, is ranked #789. PooCoin even ranks high compared to PancakeSwap (CAKE), the most liquid DEX on the BSC network.

The PooCoin website provides an index for all token contracts on supported networks including real-time buy/sell data, charts, market caps, LP tokens, wallet holdings, and trade widgets. The PooCoin Telegram bot can be implemented on any BSC/Matic/KuChain coin to track price in real-time on a channel.

PooCoin homepage and the PooCoin token

PooCoin homepage and the PooCoin token.

PooCoin introduced new features to DEX analytics such as value trackers for purchases, instant trading on the platform, and multi charts. The PooCoin bot is commonly used in crypto Telegram groups. Premium features are available on the website that enables tracking of multiple wallets.

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